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With our wide range of products, we offer our valued customers the computer, printer, home electronics, computer parts, accessories and consumables you need at the most affordable price and in the shortest time.
During the selection of products, we provide our customers with the right product and the most economical way by transferring our technical knowledge and experience.

Desktop Computers : Sales of all known computer brands, and sales of computers that we have our own assembly. Installation, technical service and spare parts sales. Supply of accessories for all computers and peripherals.
Portable Computers : With our wide range of products, we offer the best performance and affordable TOSHIBA, HP, DELL, ACER, ASUS, MSI, SAMSUNG and other brands you need, as well as sales and installation of accessories and spare parts service.
Monitors : We offer you LCD and LED technology monitors with the features you want in the ever-evolving screen technology at the most affordable price.
Printers: All Inkjet, Laser, Dot Matrix, Multifunctional printers, Plotters, Scanners, Barcode Printers and other printers you need.
Oem Materials : Hard Discs, Processors, Motherboards, DVD/CD Printers, Chassis, Keyboard, Mouse, Memory, Display and TV Cards, Sound Cards and all computer components you need.
Network Products : Network Communication Cards, Switches, Routers, Access Products (Modem, IP Sharer), Hubs, Cables, Cabinets. Wireless network products.
Software Products : Office Applications, Operating Systems, Network Management Systems, Antivirus and Security Software, Visual Design Software, Utility / Communication Software
Home Electronics : Digital Cameras, Usb Portable Memory, Wireless Communication Products, Memory Card, TV and Home Cinema Systems.
Consumables and Accessories : Quality and guaranteed consumables for computers and printers are offered to you with the most affordable prices. Our consumables are completely original and guaranteed products. Equivalent products are supplied according to customer request. (We definitely do not sell imitation and counterfeit products).

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