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Haknet Information Technologies: Monitor Your Security, Live Safely!

Security is one of the indispensable elements of modern life. We want to feel safe everywhere from our homes to our workplaces and live a peaceful life. Haknet Information Technologies offers a high quality and reliable surveillance solution to its users with its Security Cameras (CCTV) service.

Main Advantages of Haknet CCTV Service:

High Resolution and Clear Image Quality: Haknet’s Security Cameras provide detailed and clear surveillance by providing high resolution images. This feature enables better detection and recording of events.

Night Vision Technology: Security is important at all hours of the day. Haknet’s CCTV cameras are equipped with night vision technology. In this way, clear and illuminated images are obtained even in dark environments.

Remote Monitoring and Recording: Users can remotely monitor security cameras and access recordings via their mobile devices or computers. This provides the freedom to check the security status from anywhere at any time.

Motion Detection and Notification System: Haknet CCTV systems are equipped with motion detection feature. Thanks to this feature, it instantly notifies users when any movement is detected in a designated area.

Wide Integration Options: Haknet’s Security Cameras can be integrated with other security systems and smart home technologies. Thus, a compatible security

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