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Corporate Identity Design

The logos of companies are an effective promotional tool in perceiving their companies and making a first impression to the target audiences they want to address. The design of the logo can be designed in connection with the company’s brand or the content they offer.

If the logo has been prepared by professional hands and has created a different image, it will gain a place in the minds of customers and will be easily recognisable when they encounter it later. Therefore, since it will be a situation in favour of the company, it will be a reason for preference for customers.

Of course, there are important items to be considered in the design of the logo; First of all, your logo should be understandable and legible. If you design it in a very complicated way, this will both tire the eye and will not be perceptible. Quality must first appear in the minds of your customers. For this, give more importance to your logo than anything else. You can use colours related to your industry in terms of colouring. If you use figures or patterns related to your content, this can be more memorable. Of course, there is a situation like this; The logos of most of the big companies that are at the forefront worldwide are simple, just and even irrelevant to their sectors. This means that the logo is not a factor alone. A very comprehensive study is required in this regard. As well as the logo, you should pay attention to many things such as your content, products, images that can attract the attention of the target audience you address, images that will keep you in the foreground, your theme and menus. In addition to these, you also need advertising for your site. Not to mention Adwords and google ranking.

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