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Corporate identity service is a comprehensive design service that helps a company or brand create a distinctive and identifiable look and image. This service aims to deliver a consistent brand experience to customers, partners and employees by reflecting the firm’s mission, values and personality. Here are some of the key elements that corporate identity service generally includes:

Logo Design:

The representation of a company or brand with a unique symbol or graphic.
The logo should reflect the character of the company through the use of colour, font and style.

Determining the Colour Palette:

Determining the main colours to be used for the company.
The colour palette plays an important role in determining the emotional interaction and perception of the brand.

Typography Selection:

Determining the typography to be used in corporate documents, website and other communication materials.
Typography is effective in reflecting the style and professionalism of the company.

Business Card Design:

Designing professional business cards containing personal information of employees and managers.
A business card is an important tool for the first impression of the company.

Corporate Documents:

Designing official documents such as A4 paper, invoices, envelopes in harmony with the corporate identity of the company.
It is important that the documents have a professional and organised appearance.

Website Design:

Designing a modern, user-friendly and corporate identity-compatible website to strengthen the company’s online presence.
The website provides the representation of the brand on digital platforms.

Social Media Theme:

Designing profile pictures, cover photos and posts of social media accounts to be compatible with corporate identity.
Social media allows the brand to reach a wide audience.

Advertising and Promotion Materials:

Designing materials such as brochures, banners, roll-up banners in line with corporate identity.
Advertising materials, the company

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