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We bring the service that organisations will receive in IT to their feet!

It is a service offered by Haknet Security and Information Services as a system integrator company to facilitate the IT works of its customers. It is the positioning of the human resources provided by our existing personnel whose competence is approved by our company and whose knowledge, knowledge and experience in this regard are examined and selected from our existing personnel or a new personnel suitable for the company, in the company receiving Outsourcing service. Service continuity is ensured by subjecting these personnel to technical training when necessary, supervising them with control mechanisms to improve the quality of their work, and providing the necessary technical support by Haknet when needed.

Advantages of Outsourcing Service

* Providing Solutions for Your Problems and Needs.

* Reducing IT Costs.

* Increasing Productivity and Performance.

* Providing Know How for Companies that do not have IT Personnel or Not Sufficient.

* Shortening Problem Solution and Project Implementation Processes.

* Ensuring More Effective Use of Resources

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